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The Power Of A2

Popular milk brands selling pasteurized, homogenized, preserved milk never tell you about the elephant in the room – A1 beta-casein.

Beta casein is one of the most prominent milk proteins. Time and evolutionary changes have led to two primary variants of beta-casein – A1 and A2. Innumerable studies and research have proven that A2 milk is not only healthier but also easier to digest.

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The Problem With A1 Beta Casein Protein

Cow breeds that you’ve often heard of such as Jersey, Holstein Friesian, etc, are hybrid breeds that produce milk that has both A1 and A2 beta-casein protein. The purity of milk is compromised right from that stage. What’s more, is that A1 beta-casein does you more harm than good, especially due to the presence of BCM-7 (Beta-casomorphine-7).

  • Causes lactose intolerance
  • Leads to digestive issues
  • Encourages the growth of unhealthy bacteria in the human intestine
  • Has morphine-like effects on the Central Nervous system causing addiction in kids
  • Negatively affects the immuno-hormonal system
  • Known to contribute to type 1 diabetes and heart diseases
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A2 Gir Cow Milk by Captain’s Farm

  • A2 Milk from Gir cows, one of the best milkers among indigenous cows
  • No pasteurization, just raw and organic A2 Gir cow milk.
  • A2 protein helps in phosphorus and calcium for stronger bones and teeth.
  • No inflammation for lactose intolerant people, easy to digest.
  • Extremely high protein value. Get more than 1 gm of natural protein in every 30 ml.

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