Malai A2 Paneer

Tender care and goodness of milk, now in a pack.

About Captain's Farm A2 Milk Paneer

Known as a good source of protein, paneer is one of those products that rule every vegetarian's house and is equally welcomed by non-vegetarians. We at Captain's Farm bring to you the softest and most nutritious paneer, in the form of Malai A2 Paneer. Obtained from the grass-fed Gir cow's milk and processed using Vedic methods, Malai A2 Paneer is a delicious treat packed with protein and other nutrients. It is not only a healthy addition to your diet but also a tender cottage cheese that's free of hormones and chemicals. Its natural taste and high nutrition value make A2 milk Paneer, a perfect fit for all age groups. Here’s how it’s made: The Process of Making A2 Paneer:
  • 5-6 litres of milk are brought to boil and then coagulated with an acidic substance using natural Vedic methods.
  • The curdled form is then strained, and pressed. The product obtained from this process is your Cow Milk Paneer
5-6 litres of milk goes into preparing 1 kg of pure A2 Paneer and purity comes at a cost. So, don’t compare it with the open market alternatives of A1 Paneer. FSSAI: 11519024000550 Note: We deliver only in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai



Captain’s Farm A2 Milk Paneer is a wholesome source of easily digestible A2 protein and calcium. As it is made from A2 Gir Cow Milk, it is also infused with nutrients that aid in brain and bone development. It is a package of purity that will fulfil, your and your family’s dietary needs. Softer from the outside and healthier from within, Malai A2 Paneer helps you lead a healthy lifestyle with its uncountable benefits. Here’s a list of benefits that will help you make a purchase of Captain’s Farm A2 Milk Paneer right away

  1. Malai A2 Paneer gives your body the nutrition it deserves with organic protein.
  2. A2 Paneer is an Organic Paneer that has a rich source of A2 protein, vitamins, and minerals like calcium
  3. It contains adequate amounts of conjugated linoleic acid. This fatty acid helps in increasing the fat-burning process in the body.
  4. Malai A2 Paneer is effective in weight management also.

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  1. Mahika Sharma

    Extremely soft paneer, absolutely love it!!❤️

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All products from the Captain's Farm are made from pure A2 milk from Gir Cows, fed and bred at the farm itself with organic fodder.

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