This is your Captain delivering Pure & Organic A2 Cow Milk Online…

delivered fresh from the Captain’s farm to your doorstep.
Organic A2 Cow Milk
Indian Gir Cow

Dripping with purity and love: direct from indigenous Gir Cows.

The selflessness of a mother’s love, the innocence of a child’s laughter, the protectiveness of a father’s hug, the support of a friend’s presence – are some of the things that cannot ever be adulterated. They’re as pure as they can be. In each bottle of Captain’s Farm milk, we try to pack a little bit of all of these, along with freshly procured milk from native Indian Gir Cows.
The Captain’s Mantra
Owned, managed, and operated by Capt. Abhishek (Merchant Navy), Captain’s Farm started out as a single Gir Cow farm based out of Navi Mumbai. As time progressed, the farm’s operations expanded across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. However, the Captain’s vision and goal stay unaltered: the goal to be the source of 100% pure, chemical-free, organic, A2 desi cow milk.
mantra 1
Fresh Delivery
Milking happens right in the morning, and the milk is delivered within a few hours,directly at your doorstep.
mantra 2
Complete Control
Right from the cows hosted at the farms, to the fodder offered to the cattle, and the delivery of each product is managed by us, giving us complete control over the quality of the
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Zero Adultration
None of our Gir Cows are administered Oxytocin shots, nor are any preservatives added to any of our products – everything is fresh from the farm.doorstep.

Exclusives From Captain’s Farm

All products from the Captain’s Farm are made from pure A2 milk from Gir Cows, fed and bred at the farm itself with organic fodder.
A1 Milk vs A2 Milk

The A2 Factor

Beta Casein makes 30% of Cows Milk There are two variants of Beta Casein-A1 and A2. Scientifically proven, the A2 variant is easier to digest and healthier–since that’s the naturally intended variant. A1 variant is a genetic modification that came in hybrid cows like Jersey, Holstein Friesian, etc.

No Loose Strands

From Farms to Table.

Delivering fresh organic A2 milk for Gir Cows in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai within few hours.

  • A2 Farm
    Farm Operations
    Each farm under Captain’s farm is individually owned by our partners, not commercially rented. All best practices and operational setup at every farm are centrally administered. Each farm has only a single breed of cows, provided with high-quality fodder distributed by the Captain.
  • A2 Milk Quality Precision
    Quality Precision
    Our priority at all times is maintaining the health of our cows and their calves, and ensuring that they have all the care they need. Only then, we can maintain the quality of our dairy products. Each day, organic homegrown Jeevamrut fodder is fed to the cows, and milking starts once the calves are well-fed as well.
  • A2 Milking & Packaging
    Milking and Packaging Expertise
    At our farm milking is done by hand by expertmilkers.All milk is first chilled at 2℃ in Bulk Milk Coolers. This helps naturally preserve the goodness of milk and restricts any possible harmful bacterial growth, which is then packed into glass sealed bottles.
  • Delivery Setup
    Delivery Setup
    Our farms are spread out such that they cover our delivery radius evenly and all milk is delivered by our in-house delivery experts, taking away all possibilities of adulteration, in addition to the sealed packaging. All produced milk is distributed to customers within 4 hours of production.
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Sailors Love The Captain
  • testi user 2
    Roopali and Saurabh
    Captain in Merchant Navy
    Initially I was skeptical as claims for pure milk is nothing new, but then first look at the first delivery were more than enough to dispel any doubts I had. The color and texture was of the kind that I had not seen ever since I had cow’s milk at my maternal grandmother’s home over two decades ago. It didn’t take me more than two sips to realize that I have probably made the best judgement by going for farm’s milk. I am very hopeful that long term effects will soon follow and immunity system for my kids will get a marked boost. This is the minimum that I could have done for my kids. Thanks Captain for giving me a piece of nature in this concrete jungle.
  • testi user 1
    Vijay Kumar Gupta
    Indian Navy
    When I and my daughter Anjali both visited Captain’s farm at Nadode Wadi and self witnessed the extraction of milk from healthy desi cows under hygienic conditions without any plastic coming into contact I became doubly assured of its purity. It’s my personal opinion & advice that in today’s world when adulteration is getting common we can keep faith on Captain’s farm A2 milk which is best and hygienic because it is captain Abhishek passion and not just a business .
  • testi user 3
    Vibhu Swami
    We live in Kharghar Sector 6 and have been taking milk from Abhishek ji and we can vouch by the quality of milk.. The delivery mechanism is soo different and hygienic that it we have not seen it anywhere.. they deliver in Stainless Steel containers in morning and they circulate the brand new containers every morning… awesome.