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The goodness of nature, packed in a bottle.

About Captain’s Farm GIR Cow A2 Milk

We at Captain's Farms produce Gir Cow A2 Milk from home-bred Gir cows and deliver it to you in its original state. It is raw, natural, and 100% preservative-free; in addition to this, it also contains A2, the easy-to-digest milk protein. Found only in indigenous cows of India, the A2 beta casein protein which is naturally digestible present in Captain’s Farm Gir Cow A2 Milk is light on your stomach and flavoursome for your tongue. There is A1 beta, casein protein too which we found in jersey and other hybrid cows, that does  not digest easily. Being a perfect blend of all the necessary nutrients such as Calcium, Potassium, Protein, etc., A2 milk is here to bless you with a healthy body and healthier tomorrow. Switch to A2 Milk with Captain’s Farm, which offers the Best A2 Gir Cow Milk in Mumbai. Buy A2 milk online, and experience freshness, every day. FSSAI: 11519024000550. Buy Gir Cow A2 milk online Note: we deliver Gir Cow A2 Milk only in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane @ ₹111 per liter available in 1 ltr glass bottle. Add the number of days you want to subscribe. (e.g. if you want to subscribe for 1 liter every day for a month, just add 30 to the cart)


Why GIR Cow A2 Milk ?

Produced only from humped Indian cow breeds such as GIR,  A2 cow milk is a rich source of proteins, calcium, minerals, and other nutrients. Distinguishing it from the other kinds of milk available in the market is the A2 protein, and 98% of it is found only in desi-humped Indian cows.

Though the A2 cow milk price is on the higher side than regular A1 milk, its benefits are no less than an elixir. Why? Because along with the A2 protein, the desi cow breeds, especially Gir cow, produce only 8-10 litres of milk, every day, which has a nutrition value that’s incomparable to HF and Jersey cows, which produce 35-40 litres of milk, each day. You can also explore other exclusive products made from A2 Gir cow milk such as curd, paneer or ghee, and treat your tastebuds with natural flavours. With benefits similar to that of a mother’s milk, it helps you build strong immunity, improves your metabolism and aids your bone health. Let’s learn about the benefits in detail.

Captain’s Farm GIR Cow A2 Milk Benefits:

  1. Raw A2 Milk contains health vitamins that help in absorbing phosphorus and calcium very necessary to build and maintain our bones and teeth.
  2. Riboflavin in the milk helps our body use carbohydrates for energy and Vitamin B12 helps our body in breaking protein and RBC production.
  3. Minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and potassium in milk help us to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Calcium is very much needed for the proper functioning of muscles, bones and to maintain our blood pressure.
  5. Phosphorous not only provides building blocks for healthy bones and teeth but also helps to produce protein for cells and tissue growth, maintenance, and repair.
  6. Potassium is important for the functioning of our body cells, tissues, organs, and in regulating blood pressure.
  7. Protein in A2 milk is the most affordable source of good protein– 1 gm in 30 ml.
  8. Milk doesn’t cause the same inflammatory response in those who are lactose intolerant the way A1 milk causes. When you consume pure A2 milk, you can relish its benefits without any gastrointestinal discomforts

Nutrition Highlights Per 100ml

Raw A2 Gir Cow Milk

  • 116mg
  • 260kJ
  • 3.2g

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8 reviews for Gir Cow A2 Milk

  1. Rupesh Sangmeskar (verified owner)

    Pure and organic A2 milk. It has a same taste as I drink cow milk in my village. Its so tasty and healthy. Must try.

  2. Nitin Mitkar (verified owner)

    Can i get milk on alternative days

  3. Geeta Upadhyay

    Its really well hygiene perfect for healthy living i can say it is healthy body healthy mind for lively successful Life

  4. Cosmas Fernandes

    Can I get a sample of your A2 GIR cow milk?

    • Captain’s Farm (verified owner)


  5. Pramod Solanki

    I want sample first

  6. Monica Jain

    Free sample

  7. Deepali

    Can I get a sample?

  8. Shweta

    How to subscribe milk on alternate days in a month

  9. Mitesh

    Can i get sample first??

  10. Madhuri Patel

    Can i see your farm? If yes,please provide complete address and contact number

  11. Vikas

    Is this milk pasteurized or not

  12. Sohan Jagtap (verified owner)

    Best a2 milk I’ve ever had.

  13. kaustubh.singasane95 (verified owner)

    Pure organic milk very good taste and healthy milk. Prompt delivery every morning.

  14. Harsh

    Needs to be a bit more affordable so that these adulterated milk are out of the market. ₹65-75 a liter would make perfect sense.

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