What is A2 cow milk, and what are its benefits?

Milk has been an essential part of our diets and lives for years. For almost every occasion, big or small, milk has been a core ingredient in the menu. In addition, there are some houses where people start and end their day with a glass of milk.

Over the years, the increasing demand for milk has given rise to an increase in the supply of milk, and it eventually resulted in adulteration and degradation in the quality of milk. People started producing the A1 cow milk, which is available in huge quantities and comes cheaper.

In these times of mixing and risking people’s health, there was a need for something genuine and full of nutrients, which is when the A2 Cow Milk came into the picture.

Have you ever heard of this milk? Do you know what it is and where does it come from? Not to worry, as we are here to help you with all that you need to know about A2 cow milk and its benefits.

Let’s get started!

What is A2 cow milk?

A2 Cow Milk is the freshly procured milk from native Indian Gir Cows, which contain the A2 beta-casein protein. It is considered the purest form of milk since it is the original form of protein present in the cows and gets delivered to your doorsteps without any adulteration. All the cows who lactate this milk are fed with fresh fodder, clean water and constant love and care. The happy environment around them keeps them in good shape, which results in the purest and most nutritious milk production. Indian breeds such as Gir, Rathi, Hariana, Sahiwal, and Kankrej, are considered the best mothers for procuring A2 Cow Milk. Drinking this milk will yield you not one but many fruitful benefits. 

Let’s learn about all the A2 Cow Milk benefits.

  1. Contains beta-casein proteins.
  2. Aids in digestion and weight loss.
  3. Rich source of minerals.
  4. Loaded with vitamins.
  5. Keeps you fresh and hydrated.
  6. Helps your body stay active throughout the day.
  7. 100% natural and safe for every age.
  8. Maintain heart health.

1) Contains beta-casein proteins

The milk gathered from the Gir cow is loaded with beta-casein proteins, which are not usually found in the A1 milk. With every glass of A2 milk, you consume 8 grams of proteins, which helps you stay energized throughout the day.

2) Aids in digestion and weight loss

The beta-casein protein present in the milk helps in breaking down the amino acid in the body, which results in digestion. Also, the low-fat composition in the milk affects the fat gain in the body and aids in weight loss.

3) Rich source of minerals

Being a rich source of minerals such as calcium, potassium, and phosphorus, the A2 Cow Milk makes bones and teeth stronger and healthier, for both adults and kids. These rich sources also enhance good cholesterol (HDL), which keeps your body healthy and fit.

4) Loaded with vitamins

Vitamin A, D, and B12 present in the milk break down the necessary nutrients in the food and convert them to energy, and also builds immunity. It releases Omega 3 fatty acids which help increase the metabolism and contribute to good mental health.

5) Keeps you fresh and hydrated

The other nutrients found in the milk help regulate the blood pressure and also aids in the growth of cells and tissues. They also help balance the water levels present in your body, keeping you hydrated at all times.

6) Helps your body stay active throughout the day

Since the main reason for feeling tired is fatigue, dehydration, and loss of energy, you need a good source of energy to survive the day. All the nutrients of A2 Milk combined, give you a boost of energy that’s just right to help you stay energized and active all day.

7) 100% natural and safe for every age

The Gir Cows at the farm are never fed with harmful antibiotics or hormones to increase the production of milk. They are always fed with fresh food and clear water, and thus the milk produced is 100% pure and can be consumed by people of any age. 

8) Maintain heart health

Gir cow milk helps to stabilize blood pressure. The CLA present in this milk also helps to reduce bad cholesterol and keep your heart health in check.


With all the aforementioned A2 Cow Milk benefits, it is quite clear that A2 Milk is the winner, and the benefits will not only help you stay fit physically but will also keep you mentally stable and happy. So, it’s time to switch from your regular milk to A2 Cow Milk and savour all its bounteous benefits.

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