Do you know?

Nowadays many SUPPLIERS, not FARM OWNERS are supplying Milk in the name of A2 milk. We investigated and found that 95% of the so-called A2 milk suppliers do not even know what the difference between A1 and A2 milk is. They are claiming to be procuring milk from as far as from Satara District, some are claiming to be procuring from Outskirts of Pune.

GIR Cow milk yield is very less and maintenance is high. If someone selling you milk @ ₹70/-, ₹80/-, ₹90/-, please do investigate from where the milk is coming from. The most important thing is if the supplier has any cows or not.

The cheap so-called A2 milk could be harmful if it is not coming from the correct source. Choice is yours if to buy cheap fake A2 milk coming from Satara, Pune or to Buy from Genuine farm e.g. Captain’s Farm, where cows are fed with Organic fodder, where milking is done after feeding the calves generously, where there is no any hormones or Oxytocin injections are given to enhance the milk production. Think many times, investigate, then only choose the Gir cow farm but never any SUPPLIER with no cows.

Captain’s Farm is the first and oldest Gir Cow Farm in Navi Mumbai started way back in 2015.

Captain’s Farm delivers pure Gir Cow’s A2 Milk in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Free home delivery everyday!