Malai A2 Paneer

Tender care and goodness of milk, now in a pack.

About Captain's Farm A2 Milk Paneer

Captain’s Farm A2 Milk Paneer is made from pure A2 milk of grass-fed Gir Cows using traditional Vedic methods. Delivered to you in its purest state, the Cow Milk Paneer is not only 100% preservative-free but also contains only A2 protein, the easy-to-digest milk protein, found only in indigenous cows of India. A2 Paneer is exceptionally soft and tender, melts in your mouth, and is well-suited for the Vegetarian Indian High-Protein diet adding more years to your life and more nutrition to your food. The Process of Making A2 Paneer:
  • A2 Milk Paneer is made by coagulating the milk by adding an acidic food substance.
  • It doesn’t go through any industrial processing.
5-6 litres of milk goes into preparing 1 kg of pure A2 Paneer and purity comes at a cost. So, don’t compare it with the open market alternatives of A1 Paneer. FSSAI: 11519024000550 Note: We deliver only in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai


Benefits of Captain’s Farm A2 Paneer:

  1. Malai A2 Paneer gives your body the nutrition it deserves with organic protein.
  2. A2 Paneer is an Organic Paneer that has a rich source of A2 protein, vitamins, and minerals like calcium
  3. It contains adequate amounts of conjugated linoleic acid. This fatty acid helps in increasing the fat-burning process in the body.
  4. Malai A2 Paneer is effective in weight management also.

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    How could I cancel a order

  2. Mahika Sharma

    Extremely soft paneer, absolutely love it!!❤️

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