Vedic A2 Ghee

We are pleased ṭo inform you that we have now started making Vedic A2 Ghee at our farm. Vedic Ghee is absolutely different from the ghee which is available in market at price of 400/- to 500/- per kg. Please note process of making Pure Vedic Ghee is very tedious. First Curd is made after boiling and cooling down the milk. Then curd is hand churned to Extract butter.  Then Butter is heated on slow wooden flame to separate the Ghee . The ghee which is available in market is actually clarified butter at 45 Deg C. ( same is written Behind the packets ) whereas melting point of Vedic Ghee is around 37.5 Deg C, which is close to human body temperature. As per Ayurveda Vedic Ghee Is the best immune Booster. The Ghee available in market is made with buffalo milk and if made from cows milk then those cows are fed with Bypass Fat, 4 to 5 litres of milk is enough to make 1 Kg of Ghee. For making Vedic Ghee we consume close to 33 litres of milk, thus Vedic A2 Ghee is costly. Kindly order soon to get the health benefits of Vedic Ghee.