Our Farm

Our Farm

Our Farm

A1 vs A2 Milk Demonstration Reel

Why should you have A2 milk. And why not A1 milk ?

Why the price is almost double than an ordinary milk ?

Desi cows were neglected in the recent past because of low milk yielding capability. Where as A1 milk producing cows have high milk yielding capability. Thus all the big dairy farms are keeping these high producing HF and Jersey cows in return the milk is sold at cheaper rate. Where as desi cows produce less milk resulting in pricier than A1 milk to keep the desi cow farm economically sustainable. We assure you that you will get the best of the milk. It is 100% pure.

Quick Facts

  • Inception

    Captain’s Farm, the first Gir Cow Farm in Navi Mumbai started way back in 2015. Captain’s Farm is brainchild of Capt. Abhishek (Merchant Navy), who has a passion to provide pure desi gir cow milk to everyone.

  • Location

    Our Farm is Located At Village Nadode . Taluka : Khalapur, District – Raigad (24 km from Panvel). Reach Captains Farm

  • Speciality

    We have only Gir Cows (100% Desi) at our farm.

  • Fodder

    Fodder is grown by organic method using Jeevamrut to feed cows.

  • Delivery

    Milking is done early morning after feeding the calves generously. After milking, we put milk into chilling plant to bring down the temperature. Farm fresh A2 Milk get delivered right to your doorstep by 8 am every morning in Mumbai and whole Navi Mumbai.

  • Mission

    Captain’s Farm’s mission is to be recognized as a premier GIR Cow farm in and around Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and to provide 100% pure, chemical-free A2 milk and farm-fresh products to all.

Farm Photos